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October 10, 2018


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Accidents Involving Driverless Cars

June 1, 2018

Driverless Car Accident Attorney BirminghamDriverless vehicles contain technology that allows the car to steer itself, adhere to traffic laws, speed up or slow down, move between lanes and cope with navigational hurdles autonomously. In the past several years, enthusiasts have been excited about the dawn of this new type of car and have claimed that the technology could save millions of lives each year. Self-driving cars are now being tested around the globe with some success and some failure.

Safety Concerns

The fatal accident involving a pedestrian and a self-driving car has recently caused an uproar from the public who is concerned about the safety of these autonomous features. Car manufacturers have made it clear that drivers should always remain attentive behind the wheel, and drivers should never entirely rely on the automated features. Despite these warnings, the driver behind the self-driving car that struck the pedestrian was looking down the entire time. The human driver failed to notice the pedestrian. It’s clear that the human driver was negligent, but some are arguing that the car manufacturers share some responsibility for touting the unrealistic safety of “self” driving vehicles.

Birmingham Personal Injury Attorney

Human negligence is the cause of over 90 percent of all motor vehicle accidents. If you were injured in an accident, then you are legally entitled to pursue compensation from the negligent party. Our hands-on attorneys at the Liddon Law Firm are committed to helping our injured clients put their lives back together again. We will seek maximum compensation to ensure you are completely financially restored for all damages you incurred as a result of the accident. Contact the Liddon Law Firm now at 205-224-5675 for more information.

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2 Buses Carrying High School Students from Birmingham Involved in a Crash in Anniston

March 16, 2018

Birmingham Alabama Motor Vehicle Accident AttorneysTwo buses were involved in a crash while transporting students from Ramsay High School on their way to a semifinal basketball game in Jacksonville. Police on the scene have reported that the collision occurred when the two vehicles, as well as another passenger vehicle, had crashed on McClellan Boulevard near Baltzell Gate Road in Anniston.

Birmingham City School officials have stated that none of the students had suffered any “visible serious injuries” in the accident, however, they did note that one of the drivers of the bus as well as six of the students involved were taken to Anniston Regional Medical Center. While none of the injuries are assumed to be major they were taken to be evaluated after complaints of suffering from pain after the event. The school system has also said that they did have representatives at the site of the incident.

School buses from the Calhoun County School System were able to then transport the remaining students who were not suffering from any injuries despite these events to Jacksonville, and that they were still able to compete in the semifinal game which they ended up winning 58-53. Those same Calhoun County School buses that picked them up at the scene where it all transpired were able to bring the students back to Birmingham once the game was over without any other incidents taking place.

According to the Birmingham City School officials, another passenger vehicle was also injured during the crash but as of now the severity and details of their injuries are not known at this time. A spokesperson for the school had explained that in addition to a further investigation of the incident that there would be nurses available at Ramsay High School to monitor the young students when they were available to come back to school.

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Worker from Mississippi Suffers Fatal Accident with a Bulldozer at Alabama Construction Site

February 15, 2018

Alabama Workplace Injury AttorneyA Mississippi man who worked at a construction site in Alabama was killed in an unfortunate accident involving a bulldozer just before midday. The deadly incident occurred at the location of a new apartment complex right by West Irvine Avenue as reported by the local police department and occurred when the worker was walking behind the bulldozer and ended up being fatally struck .

Emergency medical teams as well as members of the police and fire departments all arrived at the scene hoping that they could save the man but at that point there was sadly nothing more that they could do. The worker who came from Carthage, Mississippi which is about 50 miles northeast from Mississippi’s capital Jackson was pronounced dead at Eliza Coffee Memorial hospital in Florence, Alabama.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA department of the government has already been contacted to investigate the event further according to authorities, but if there is one positive to take out of this unfortunate and tragic even it is that no other workers had been harmed or injured. It has also been reported that the owner of the site has ceased all construction that had been currently going on as they try to figure out exactly what happened and how to make sure that nothing like this can or will happen again.

Whether or not the surviving members of the family plan on filing a lawsuit against the construction company remains to be seen, and further details surrounding the deadly accident are still being researched and investigated as more details continue to unfold at this time. It is very possible that any additional information will help lead to some sort of worker’s compensation claim, but as of yet there have been no comments in regards to this from any of the parties involved in this matter.

Accidents like these are impossible to predict, but if you or someone you love was injured in a workplace accident such as this it is extremely important to know what your rights are and what compensation you are possibly owed. For over 20 years the attorneys at the Liddon Law Firm have helped people recoup the financial losses they have suffered and brought justice to those who deserved it most. Call 205-900-3770 for fill out our simple online contact form today to begin discussing your legal options.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney/client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.