Worker from Mississippi Suffers Fatal Accident with a Bulldozer at Alabama Construction Site

February 15, 2018

Alabama Workplace Injury AttorneyA Mississippi man who worked at a construction site in Alabama was killed in an unfortunate accident involving a bulldozer just before midday. The deadly incident occurred at the location of a new apartment complex right by West Irvine Avenue as reported by the local police department and occurred when the worker was walking behind the bulldozer and ended up being fatally struck .

Emergency medical teams as well as members of the police and fire departments all arrived at the scene hoping that they could save the man but at that point there was sadly nothing more that they could do. The worker who came from Carthage, Mississippi which is about 50 miles northeast from Mississippi’s capital Jackson was pronounced dead at Eliza Coffee Memorial hospital in Florence, Alabama.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA department of the government has already been contacted to investigate the event further according to authorities, but if there is one positive to take out of this unfortunate and tragic even it is that no other workers had been harmed or injured. It has also been reported that the owner of the site has ceased all construction that had been currently going on as they try to figure out exactly what happened and how to make sure that nothing like this can or will happen again.

Whether or not the surviving members of the family plan on filing a lawsuit against the construction company remains to be seen, and further details surrounding the deadly accident are still being researched and investigated as more details continue to unfold at this time. It is very possible that any additional information will help lead to some sort of worker’s compensation claim, but as of yet there have been no comments in regards to this from any of the parties involved in this matter.

Accidents like these are impossible to predict, but if you or someone you love was injured in a workplace accident such as this it is extremely important to know what your rights are and what compensation you are possibly owed. For over 20 years the attorneys at the Liddon Law Firm have helped people recoup the financial losses they have suffered and brought justice to those who deserved it most. Call 205-900-3770 for fill out our simple online contact form today to begin discussing your legal options.

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New Tech Looks To Eliminate Car Accidents

January 15, 2018


With each passing year comes new, more up-to-date technology. Cellphones and laptops are usually the things we see constantly changing but they aren’t the only ones. Motor vehicles continuously receive updates in technology each year, with a lot of the focus being on driver and passenger safety.

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently reported that 37,461 lives were lost on the roads in 2016, which is a 5.6 percent increase from the previous year.

With the number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on U.S. roads also increasing, the fatality rate sits at 1.18 deaths per 100 million VMT, which translates to an increase of 2.6 percent from the previous year.

It is scary seeing those numbers consistently increasing each year, especially since they are fatalities. Injuries from car accidents also continue to rise each year and the NHTSA contributes these accidents to factors such as distracted driving, speeding, alcohol impairment, drowsy driving, etc.

As stated earlier, the constant improvements in technology are lending a helping hand in keeping drivers and passengers safe while on the road — something to continue looking forward to.

Many different car manufacturers are creating and building their vehicles with things like automatic braking and adaptive headlights.

Automatic breaking is a great feature that uses sensors to monitor a car’s surroundings and gently applies the brakes in the event that the car is close to coming in contact with any stationary object.

Adaptive headlights use sensors to adjust a vehicle’s headlights to curves in the road. They are in tune with the steering wheel and will turn along with you, the driver. They also adjust themselves based on the speed of the vehicle and will even lower when coming up on opposing traffic or for a turn. Adaptive headlights are offered as a standard or optional feature in many vehicles like BMW, Buick, Jeep, Lexus, Mazda, Volvo, etc.

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, car manufacturers are working to make cellphone use while driving a thing of the past. Dashboard systems that sync seamlessly with your cell phone via an app can make it so navigation, communication, and music can be controlled with your voice or quick taps — keeping your eyes on the road instead of elsewhere.

It is comforting to know that technology is aimed at safer roads and safer vehicles, with the ultimate goal of eliminating accidents altogether. Unfortunately, accidents are still occurring, leading to injuries or even death.

If you have been in a car accident and sustained an injury you may have the right to compensation. The personal injury attorneys at Liddon Law in Birmingham are ready and prepared to represent you and help get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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Toddler Struck In Accident Raises Awareness About Serious Children’s Injuries and Fatalities

December 15, 2017


A recent accident involved severe injuries to a toddler. The 18-month-old toddler involved in the critical vehicle accident in Alabama was in the ICU for days after the accident happened. Due to their developing bodies and inability to brace themselves for impact, children may be subjected to more severe injuries in the event of an accident. In fact, in conjunction with poisoning, burns, drowning and suffocation, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries for young children.

In the event that someone else was responsible for the accident in which your child sustained injuries, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation to help with the child’s recovery. Some of the most devastating impacts on children’s accident victims are due to drunk driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving or aggressive driving. A study found that the safest part of the car for the children was the second row when considering the side and the front crashes.

Having appropriate restraints inside your vehicle is one way to minimize the devastating injuries sustained by infants and young children in an accident. Many parents do not have their car and booster seats installed properly and this can increase the chances of severe injuries, including those affecting a child’s head, neck, and back.

It is a parents’ worst nightmare to deal with children’s injuries after a serious vehicle accident and your only opportunity to recover compensation may be filing a legal claim with the help of an experienced lawyer.

At Liddon Law, you know you’re in good hands in the wake of a serious car accident. Whether it’s you or your children who have suffered in an accident, you must be prepared to take action to protect your interests. Don’t wait to learn more about what you need to do to file- contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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Front porch shooting resulting in Birmingham man’s death ruled a homicide

November 15, 2017


It is not often that someone who has been shot in the leg later ends up the victim of a homicide. But such is the case in a shooting of a man on his front porch in Wylam this past August.

The 36-year old victim and witnesses were inside the screened in porch of the victim’s home playing video games. Then, some kind of argument broke out and then there was gunfire.

An estimated 15 to 20 shots were fired — in the home as well as into the victim’s car, a BMW SUV. The vehicle’s windows were shattered and one tire was left flat.

The victim ended up hit by a bullet in the leg and was subsequently taken to the hospital with apparently non-life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, according to the coroner, the bullet that struck his leg ended up traveling from the leg to his lower abdomen where it caused organ damage.

The Wylam man was released from the hospital but still remained under medical care. Then, in September, when getting ready to leave his home to go to the doctor, he collapsed. The victim was again taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After evaluation, medical examiners ruled the man’s untimely death was the result of sepsis. The manner of the death is considered to be a homicide. For those who do not know, sepsis is a “life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs.”

Usually, doctors are the ones best equipped to recognize and handle sepsis. The condition affects at least 75,000 adults a year but there have been cases where medical professionals have missed the diagnosis.

The problem falls during the early stages of sepsis, where the symptoms are similar to those of a viral infection. Viral infections tend to go away on their own, making it hard to decide if a patient should be allowed to go home or if that patient needs to promptly be hospitalized.

Sepsis is an unforgiving condition but this does not mean doctors or medical professionals cannot be held accountable for misdiagnosis.

In the recent case of the Birmingham man shot in the leg, it might not be immediately apparent but the family of the man could have a potential lawsuit worth filing — either for wrongful death or for medical malpractice.

If you or loved one has suffered because of the negligence of a medical professional you should seek out the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. At the Liddon Law Firm in Alabama, we are experienced in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation.

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Workers’ Comp For Contract Lineman Shocked By Power Line?

October 23, 2017


A lineman in Birmingham was recently medivacked to a nearby hospital after he received a shock from a power line. The man was working as a contractor for Cullman Electric Cooperative when he was injured in the vicinity of County Road 703 and Walter. Cullman Electric confirmed that he works for a Chattanooga, TN-based electric company, APL Power Services.

Cullman Electric said it will launch an investigation. OSHA is also likely to investigate the matter. These investigations may identify an unsafe workplace was to blame for the lineman’s injuries.

Under Alabama law, a business like Cullman Electric isn’t required to pay workers’ compensation premiums for contractors. It must pay for workers’ compensation insurance for employees.

According to the APL Power Services website, it provides flame retardant-treated work clothing at no cost to employees. Workers’ tools and boots may be eligible for a payroll deduction program. It’s unclear if the company hires workers as employees or as per diem adjunct staff for clients.

If you are injured as a contractor and your employer doesn’t pay for workers’ comp and/or health and medical benefits, where should you go for help?

  1. When possible, document the accident as carefully as possible.
  2. In this example, the lineman would notify both Cullman Electric Cooperative and APL Power Services.
  3. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Don’t wait. The sooner you involve a personal injury attorney in your case, the sooner he can collect the details surrounding the case. He will interview witnesses, obtain incident reports, and so on.

An experienced and knowledgeable personal injury law firm can help you obtain financial resources for medical and hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact the Alabama personal injury attorneys at the Liddon Law Firm for an initial case evaluation now.


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Deadly Three-Vehicle Truck Accident Kills an Alabama Man

October 9, 2017


An elderly man was killed in a crash involving three vehicles in Blount County, Alabama. He was killed when his vehicle crashed into a larger Chevrolet Tahoe and a Freightliner semi-truck. He was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Neither of the drivers and passengers in the other two vehicles appeared injured.

This case, like so many others, involves a tragic intersection of passenger vehicles and semi-trucks. The result is often catastrophic injuries and/or death. The commercial Freightliner vehicle, because of its large mass, imparts tremendous force:

  • With 350-800 HP and GVW of approximately 50,000-60,000 pounds, a passenger vehicle is no match for a Freightliner semi-truck.
  • The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that some Freightliner trucks have potentially dangerous defects. Some models have defective cap screws. These can fail without advance warning to the driver. Some axles used on Freightliner trucks are also defective. For that reason, Freightliner recalled 11,000 trucks in 2016.

For that reason, a smaller passenger vehicle is typically crushed, mangled, or tossed to the side of the highway.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety data shows that truck accidents are quite common. In a recent annual report, more than 4,500 truck accidents occurred on the highways and roads of Alabama. Approximately 25 percent of people involved in truck accidents suffered serious bodily injuries, and about three percent lost their lives.

The data show that:

  • An Alabama truck accident happens approximately every two hours
  • At least two Alabama residents suffer injuries from a truck accident every day
  • Approximately two residents are killed each week in the aftermath of a tractor-trailer collision

Because of the catastrophic nature of serious truck accidents, victims must have an experienced personal injury attorney to represent their interests in court. A truck accident case is often too complex for a small or less experienced law firm to handle.

That’s why Liddon Law Firm is here to help. Our seasoned motor vehicle accident attorneys have the skills and insight you need to pursue a high profile truck accident case. Contact us now to schedule a confidential case review.


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