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8 Vehicle Accidents That Lead To Lawsuits in Alabama

Picture of a bus accident.We like to think we share the road respectfully, but let’s not kid ourselves here. People screw up. Texting while driving, zoning out behind the wheel, and road rage are too common.

Sometimes people make mistakes and get away unscathed, but sometimes they cause accidents that lead to injuries. Here are eight types of vehicle accidents that could result in serious legal trouble.

1) Car accidents

These happen for many reasons. Some of the most common are when people:

  • Speed on the highway
  • Drive while drunk or high
  • Run red lights and stop signs into intersections
  • Drive recklessly when the weather is causing dangerous road conditions.

2) Truck and commercial vehicle accidents

The usual causes with car accidents apply here, but other reasons include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Improper loading
  • Improper maintenance
  • Defective truck components

3) Motorcycle accidents

The biggest reason bikers get into accidents is that other drivers fail to see them. This puts bikers at a greater risk of injury and fatality than people who drive cars and trucks.

4) Drunk driving accidents

Plain and simple: drinking and driving is a stupid decision. Don’t do it. Lawsuits usually involve the impaired driver and their insurance company, but a bar or restaurant could also be held liable if the driver was over-served.

5) Bus accidents

School buses, long-distance buses, charter buses, airport shuttles, and other buses must meet a higher standard of care for their passengers than drivers of personal vehicles. Legal action and financial compensation will be a factor if an accident happens from negligence of the:

  • Bus owner
  • Driver
  • Manufacturer
  • Maintenance shop resulted

6) Bike accidents

Bicyclists have the same right to use the road as any driver. But let’s be real, bikes and automobiles aren’t equal in terms of performance or size. Unless there is a designated path or lane, there’s no way a bike can compete with an automobile on the main road if a person driving a car or truck is negligent. If a bicyclist gets hit, the damage will likely be severe.

7) Pedestrian accidents

Reckless or distracted drivers cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries to walkers and runners. We’ve had clients who were injured by vehicles while on foot, including people who were run over at:

  • Sidewalk restaurants
  • Street fairs
  • Farmers’ markets
  • And other events

8) Uninsured/underinsured motorist accident

What do you do when the driver who injured you was uninsured or underinsured? You’ll most likely need to obtain compensation under the UM/ UIM provisions of your own auto insurance.

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