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Cerebral Contusions In The Workplace

Jobs in warehouses, construction, and other active workplaces can be fulfilling and healthy. However, they’re not without risk. Injuries can happen in loud environments where heavy machinery, chemicals, and other potential hazards are common.

Concussions can happen in manual labor positions, but an even more dangerous possibility is a severe cerebral contusion. Brain contusions are bruises/bleeding on the brain that happen if you receive a direct impact to your head. due to being struck with machinery, tools, or as a result of a fall or vehicle accident.

In some cases, contusions can be minor, but in more extreme cases they cause blood clots and a craniotomy may be required to remove the contusion. If you’ve suffered a head injury and are feeling numbness while experiencing memory loss or coordination problems, you should should see medical attention as soon as possible.

This blog post should not be taken as medical or legal advice. Brain injuries, such as contusions, can take a toll on your financial stability and your personal life. If you’re in Alabama and you’ve experienced a head injury at the fault of your employer or another person, we can help you receive compensation.

Liddon Law Firm works with victims of all types of brain injuries on a routine basis. We understand the physical and mental strain that brain injuries can cause. You will be treated with the utmost respect and patience as we work to recover the compensation you need to care for your injury, long-term.

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