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What Is It Like To Have A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Some brain injuries aren’t as obvious as you might think. If you’ve gotten hit in the head and you’re not having major symptoms, there can be significant harm to your brain. Sometimes traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can’t be determined without thorough medical evaluations.

What It’s Like To Have A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Picture of a woman rubbing her head because she's suffering from a migraine after a Traumatic Brain Injury.

TBI symptoms can be straightforward, like headaches, migraines, slurred speech, and blurred vision. But sometimes TBI can create problems people don’t expect. You might forget things you normally wouldn’t. Maybe you used to be a happy-go-lucky person and now your personality is angry or hostile. Perhaps you had a reputation for being emotionally stable, but you’ve been having mood swings since your injury. Even worse, maybe you’re now suffering from depression or making strange, uncharacteristic comments and acting erratically.

If you’ve suffered a head injury and you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, it’s possible that you could be suffering from TBI. If this is the case, please consider going to a doctor as soon as possible to get tested for a potential brain injury. If you were injured at the fault of another person or an organization, you may have a case to file a lawsuit for compensation. However, you’ll need the help of an experienced TBI lawyer in order to have a chance at receiving compensation.

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It can be hard to get compensation for TBI. Insurance companies that represent the responsible parties will often argue no damage was actually done. We work closely with neuropsychologists, as well as your doctors, to build a solid case that would convince a jury that harm has been done and the responsible parties need to pay.

Our lawyers and team, work with victims of traumatic brain injuries on a routine basis and understands the physical and mental strain that these injuries cause. We connect our clients with the treatment options and medical care that they need, first and foremost. Each client is treated with utmost respect and patience as we work to recover the compensation they need.

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